Solar Farms of America

Our solar farms are starting to be seen all across America and on all types of landscapes whether farm land, commercial property or even on top of industrial manufacturing plants. Our vision is to become the number one source for solar farms in those eco friendly states all over America. We are a total one stop shop for your solar farms since we handle all of the details from getting the site, developing the project, securing interconnection agreements and negotiating the final purchase power contracts with the given electrical utility. Buying and owning large utility scale solar farms have never been easier, we even provide the final due diligence packages you will need if investors are involved in your deals.

Solar Farms are Like Apple Pie

We find that most Americans love solar farms about as much as apple pie. What could be more American than producing clean and renewable energy? Our commercial solar farms are beautifying the landscape of America everywhere these days. Many Americans do not even realize that solar farms will not only produce clean energy and lessen our dependence on foreign oil; they will also help keep consumers power costs lower. Many states are embracing the solar wave and even offer investors of our large solar farms special tax incentives and breaks. If investing or owning solar farms is in your future then please give our team a call today.

Solar Farms

Americans Love Our Solar Farms

With so many companies leaving America these days we are proud to be one that is expanding in America and creating more jobs on a daily basis. Our typical 2MW to 5MW solar farms will take ninety days to build and require thousands of man hours and local labor to accomplish those tasks, not to mention the manufacturing companies here in the U.S. that make our panel stands and racking systems. If you or your organization would like to learn more about how we design and build state of the art solar farms for less than our competition then feel free to get in touch with us today.