Solar Farms for Returns

Solar farms are getting investors some great returns these days. We see many investors buying solar farms to achieve well over ten percent yearly returns on their investment. There is no better time to buy solar farms since equipment and installation prices are at all time lows while the incentives are still great in many states. North Carolina is a great state for solar farms as investors will get 30% federal tax credits, accelerated system depreciation and 35% North Carolina tax credits. We have not even mentioned the yearly income stream from selling the power back to the grid. Corporations of all types and sizes are softening the tax burden these days by investing in solar farms.

Great Returns on Solar Farms

Investing in solar farms has never been easier. We are a company that offers owners and investors of our systems an easier way as we are a one stop location for your solar farm needs. We do it all from system design, permitting, and getting the best purchase power agreements in place to assure that your solar farms give you the returns you are looking for. There are many things we can incorporate in our systems like tracking so that the solar farm produces much greater power output for quicker system pay back and larger internal rates of return.

Solar Farms

Investors Love Solar Farms for The Returns

If you understand anything about internal rates of returns then you will surely want to purchase your solar farms from the best in the business. We use top tier equipment, a world class EPC company to install our systems and the warranties you need to offer you the risk avoidance you desire. We are greening up America, one solar farm at a time so join the green movement today just like hundreds of other large companies out there trying to green up their image. Let us be your source for utility scale solar systems and ground mounted solar farms today.