Solar Farms for Reliability

Our solar farms are built for maximum reliability and largest energy harvest. We see so many companies cutting corners these days when building and supplying solar farms to investors and funds everywhere. We laugh at the fact the bean counters, CPA’s and Attorney’s that vet solar deals know absolutely nothing about solar farms and how they work yet they feel confident in beating developers down on price for their investors while caring nothing about system performance. What their investors then receive usually is a system that is not reliable, breaks down often and provides 30% less energy than it could if built properly. If you desire solar farms that are reliable, affordable and produce about 30% more energy than most on the market then give our team a call today.

Solar Farms for More Energy

If you need commercial solar farms that are built to last with trouble free operation then give us a call today. Our team is made up of degreed engineers with decades of experience, we were not selling cars or pizza’s this time last year. Our turn key system prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, but like we tell everyone, please have a technical person on your staff that knows what they are buying, you cannot buy solar farms purely based on price and think that the lower the price the better your return, that scenario spells disaster and most CPA’s involved in these deals need to focus on tax credits and not what a system is worth since they are not solar experts.

Solar Farms

Solar Farms for Maximum Reliability

The reliability and production rates of solar farms should be an investor’s prime focus and not so much on final system pricing as most deals do not vary that much from one group to another. Attorney’s should stick to practicing law and leave the engineering to the engineers in the world. Attorney’s are great for muddying the waters with convoluted contracts and should stick to that field just as CPA’s should keep their focus on understanding IRS rules as pertaining to tax laws for renewable energy. If you think that buying solar farms purely based on price is the way to go then we will let you shop for that low dollar guy out there that knows little about solar farms or how to design and build them for reliability. Call us today for solar farms that are competitive in price while producing as much as 30 percent more energy year round.