Pricing Solar Farms

When it comes to pricing solar farms be very careful. We see CPA’s that basically figure out how they can get their Investor a huge return on paper and then they tell the solar developers that the solar farms must be built for next to nothing so that they can appear to be a hero to their investors. Let me explain what then happens. These CPA’s that know nothing about solar will find some shade tree solar developer willing to build a bar bones solar farm for less than going prices but the system is always badly flawed, small conductor wire that yields huge losses, cheap panels, cheap inverter’s, no diagnostics and very sub stand install with minimal racking to hold the panels. So the question then is do you want solar farms built for longevity and better output that cost a little more but yield a better IRR or do you want to trust your CPA to buy your system that understands little about solar and the economics of it.

Solar Farms Specified by CPA’s?

Investors buying commercial solar farms should never trust their CPA or Attorney to specify the type and price solar farm they are investing in, this is problem number one. CPA’s want to be heroes to their investors and show larger returns by spending less on equipment, we understand. Would you trust your CPA to perform open heart surgery on you? Then why would you trust a CPA to specify equipment and design where you are putting millions of dollars at risk? We urge all investors and buyers of solar farms to first decide on system design and then get quotes from multiple companies to assure you are comparing apples to apples.

Solar Farms

The Pricing of Solar Farms

When buying or investing in solar farms you should not take the lead from a CPA or an Attorney that knows little about solar farms, their design and construction, this will certainly cost you millions down the road. We see some of the largest solar companies in business cutting corners and selling sub standard solar farms so that they can match some UN realistic number set forth by a bean counter or CPA involved in the project. Let the CPA’s stick to tax returns and let the engineers stick to designing reliable and cost effective solar farms that will perform for years to come offering that investor trouble free operation while providing maximum power output.