Portfolio of Solar Farms

Are you looking for large portfolios of solar farms in North Carolina or other states in the top ten regions of this country to build and own utility grade solar farms? We are the premier developer and design build firm for large scale solar farms. Our solar farms range in size from 1MW to up to 500MW. We cover the bases for our clients that need the large portfolios of renewable energy projects. Our team does it all from the ground up including sire procurement, long term land leases, getting interconnection agreements and purchase power agreements in place with credit worthy utility companies. Large companies that buy our solar farms believe in maximum returns with minimum risk and our solar farms excel in those areas.

Offering Clients Solar Farms in Large Portfolios

Most clients love our company because we combine the amount of commercial solar farm deals you need into large portfolios to meet the buyer’s needs. Do you need 10MW’s, 20MW’s, 50MW’s or more when it comes to utility grade stand alone solar farms? Let us solve your renewable energy needs today and make your investments smoother and easier. Our solar farms incorporate the latest technology whether concerned with high efficiency panels or single axis tracking rack systems to give you an extra 30 percent energy harvest. We want the buyer’s of our solar farms to own trouble free systems yielding the highest energy amounts for maximum profits and rates of returns. Repeat business is our primary goal when we design, sell and install our world class solar farms.

Solar Farms

We Sell Large Portfolios of Solar Farms

With so many utility companies being required to back more solar farms due to the renewable portfolio standard we see more sales than ever this year and in 2014. Going through the entire due diligence process and then firming up design and installation we see most buyers of solar farms getting involved early in the year so that their systems can be on line and commissioned by year end. Let us be your first choice when it comes to commercial and utility grade solar farms that cost less, produce more energy and give you the returns that your company requires, call our team today to start the design build process, you’ll be glad you did.