NC Solar Farms

The demand for NC solar farms is growing by leaps and bounds. Investors love solar farms in North Carolina because of the great 30 percent federal tax credits and the local thirty five percent state credits coupled with deductions for accelerated depreciation. The purchase power agreements offered by utility companies in the state also make investing or owning solar farms in NC an attractive investment. We are one of the few companies in the state that develop and sell totally installed solar farms to those looking for eco green type renewable energy investments here. If your company is trying to green up that corporate image or you simply like the returns offered by solar farms then give us a jingle today.

Choose NC Solar Farms for Great Returns

The commercial solar farms that we design and build are state of the art and considered to be a cut above when compared to most being sold in the market place. We build and design robust systems for years of trouble free operation and maximum output. Our solar farms incorporate things like real time on line system diagnostics, remote alarming, and revenue grade metering to keep a close watch on that multi million dollar investment. Our solar farms are sleek with clean lines, single axis tracking for more energy yield, and detailed grounding strategies to keep Mother Nature from interfering with your new cash cow. You will certainly want to have many framed photos of our solar farms proudly displayed at your corporate head quarters.

Solar Farms

Investors Have a Craving for NC Solar Farms

We find that NC is ranked as one of the top five states in the U.S. for solar farms and most of that revolves around the fact that the incentives here makes solar farms a great investment. NC solar farms provide owners with 30% federal tax credits, 35% NC tax credits, accelerated depreciation and a great monthly revenue stream from the utility as they purchase your power under that 15 year auto renew purchase power agreement. The time has never been better to invest in solar farms and NC is one of the top five states for many reasons as discussed above. Give us a call today to discuss our many sizes and types of solar farms that we currently have for sale.