Go Solar

Is now the right time to go solar? Here at Innovative Solar Systems we think that the present time is perfect to go solar and to recognize some great savings when using our company to design and construction your solar farms. The average costs of our solar farms is anywhere from $2/watt all the way up to $3/watt and this includes all design, engineering, permitting and final construction. There has never been a better time to go solar if you are a savvy investor wanting to secure long term investments that will yield you great returns with almost no interaction on a daily basis.

Go Solar for Great Returns

Our energy solar farms are designed and built with the end user and owner in mind. Our systems come with high level diagnostics so that on site trouble shooting of the solar farms is kept to a minimum when a problem arises. We cover the bases so that our investors can have peace of mind and know that their solar farms are producing the maximum amount of solar energy on a daily basis. Your returns depend upon the long term reliability of your solar system and we pay special attention to the small details that can cause you big problems down the road.

Investors and owner operators of all levels are choosing to go solar these days because installed costs of commercial grade solar farms have gotten low and the pay backs of these systems can now be huge with states offering subsides and incentives along with federal tax credits for a greater base of installed systems. If you have thought about why it would be a smart move to go solar, then please contact our team of sales professionals today. Innovative Solar Systems is a leader in the solar industry and probably has more engineering and design experience than just about anyone you will find. Go solar today and give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.