Utility Grade Solar Farms

The appetite for utility grade solar farms by investors these days has become incredible. We are one of the largest developers of shovel ready solar farms in this country and will be greatly expanding our operations in 2014 to service the growing needs of those in the renewable energy investment community. If you are seeking great internal rates of return and carefree operation of your solar farms then you may want to consider our design build firm today. We design our large scale utility type commercial solar farms for maximum uptime, ease of operation, and greater energy output as compared to other available systems for sale in this market.

Solar Farms Connected to Credit Worthy Utility Companies

Our grid tied commercial solar farms have to go through rigorous engineering studies by companies like Progress Energy, Duke Energy and the like before we are given interconnection agreements to tie into their robust power grids. The principals of our company have years of experience as power distribution engineers so designing some of the best solar power generation plants in the world is child’s play as far as we are concerned. We are constantly amazed at the short falls we see in other systems out there as compared to ours. System grounding is just one key component of ground mounted solar farms and we see so many mistakes made in this one area alone.

Solar Farms

We Design & Sell Grid Tied Solar Farms

The electrical utility closely examines the designs of these solar farms since they want assurances that the customer’s solar farms will not cause interruptions in the power delivery or service to others on that grid. The system diagnostics that we install on our solar farms will also amaze you. Imagine getting a call or text when your solar farm is producing less energy than normal along with likely causes of the problem. We build our solar farms to be show pieces when it comes to power generation sites. We want our clients to be proud of their solar farms, and to give us referrals along with repeat business. Please contact our world class team of engineers today to explore our solar farms and why many consider them to be the standard of excellence.