Turnkey Solar Farms

We offer turnkey solar farms at some of the best prices in the industry with some of the best warranties. Designing and building solar farms is not a complex matter, but when these deals have too many partners involved and the you get the CPA’s and Attorneys performing due diligence on something they know little about, deals fall apart quickly and many companies find it impossible to then build utility grade solar farms. We are the only solution when it comes to the design and build out of large solar farms both in N.C. and nationwide. The designs of our world class solar farms make most of the solar wannabes in this industry awe in envy.

Solar Farms for COD

We have the ability to deliver our utility-scale solar farms to you with payments occurring at COD if that helps you ease the burden of any risk associated with solar farm projects. Solar farm projects by nature are low risk investments, but it seems that most attorneys and CPA’s for clients on these deals are not happy unless the solar developer and EPC’s are losing money on these deals. People tend to be very short sighted when it comes to investing in solar. We urge buyers and investors to pay more attention to the design of those solar farms, is the system built to last and produce more energy than the norm? Our solar farms certainly are.

Solar Farms

We Offer Turn Key Solar Farms for Less

We urge buyers of turnkey solar farms to not try and beat up EPC’s on the front end to save a penny per watt and to look further out to the future and also into having long term relationships with the best solar developers in the market like Innovative Solar Systems. Companies tend to get their bean counters involved on these solar deals get sideways quick as they understand more about all in cost while understanding nothing about operating, maintenance, and overall performance of these systems. Get some professionals on your team that understand solar and then start looking at the cost of ownership of the project over the long haul and purchasing our solar farms will be a no brainer every time. Give our team a call; you will certainly be glad you did. We are the source for solar farms and systems.