Sun Energy

Our solar farms utilize sun energy to produce ac electricity from the suns rays. About 20% of the daily sun energy that hits our panels will be first converted to dc electricity and then rectified and inverted into ac electricity so that we can pump it into the utility grid for a sell all type interconnected solar farm system. Our solar farms are always in demand by savvy investors and owner operators due to the fact that we convert more of that sun energy than most and thus let our investors achieve a higher rate of return in the solar industry. Most investors like solar farms due to the fact that there are no moving parts and the systems reliability is great over the fifty year life cycle.

Converting Sun Energy Using Solar Farms

We design our solar energy farms with our clients and customers in mind. We understand that entities want an asset that makes them money day after day with little or no intervention. Designing and installing solar farms for maximum sun energy capture is our passion and few others in the industry understand it like our team. We analyze site locations, equipment specifications and overall system designs to assure that all of the bases are covered when we finish putting our solar farm packages together prior to marketing them to solar investors. Our solar farms are some of the most robust designs ever sold and are built for both long term operation and for ease of trouble shooting and maintenance when those issues do arise.

If getting the best solar designs and installation is your goal then you may want to set up a meeting with our principals today. We take the guess work out of buying utility grade solar farms as an investment. Converting sun energy into something useful for humans has been happening since the beginning of time and we are constantly improving our technology as component costs keep coming down. Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is a pioneer in the field of solar farms and can assure you that our systems are some of the best in the market place. Give us a call today and learn how capturing that sun energy has just gotten a little easier and a little less expensive.