Solar Power

Our solar farms generate up to 30% more solar power that the competition and it’s easy to see why. We design better solar farms that utilize either single axis trackers or dual axis trackers to generate at least 25% more solar power here in the eastern United States. Investors will find that they can purchase our turn key solar farms for much less than the competition while getting a far superior system that generates much more solar power year round. Our solar farms provide better internal rate of returns while costing buyers and investors an average of 20% less than what others charge for comparable solar systems.

Get More Solar Power with Our Solar Farms

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is a leader in the design and installation of solar power farms here in the United States. Our passion is solar power and as engineers and solar project developers we clearly have more expertise than just about anyone in this industry. The solar industry is full of what we call solar wannabes that have little experience in the design or build out of large scale solar projects. The principals at Innovative Solar Systems, LLC have spent a combined fifty years in corporate America as project engineers designing and installing all types of power delivery systems before getting into solar power so our track record speaks for itself, we are not the guys that were hawking auto’s at a used car lot before getting into the solar industry business.

The solar industry is quickly evolving and we see better equipment being offered and better prices on a yearly basis. Solar farms offer investors and owners of all types the long term returns that most need in these uncertain economic times. We are currently offering buyers our turn key solar farms in the South East for well under $2/watt which is hard to beat. Our equipment brands and designs are some of the best in the business and we stand behind everything we sell and build. Let us be your choice for solar power today. Give us a call to explore the many types and sizes of solar farms that we currently have for sale.