Solar Farms North Carolina

We are the premier developer of solar farms in North Carolina. North Carolina is a solar friendly state and investors and buyers of all types are taking advantages of the great incentives in this state by becoming owners of great solar farms or commercial solar systems. We offer solar farms in the 2 – 6.5MW size here in North Carolina and will have large portfolios of projects for sale at any given time. If you are merely and equity investor for our solar farms then you will not find and easier group to work with as we place the NC tax credits and offer turn key solar farm deals at around $2/watt which includes all developer fees, total build out, commissioning and great system warranties to protect your investment.

Solar Farms in N.C.

The commercial solar farms that we develop, design and build are all in great locations, near major roads and interstates while offering low cost of long term ownership. We group projects together in any given county or within counties so that your long term operating and maintenance costs will be minimal. Our land leases are protected by being recorded leases complete with title commitments so that your risk level on these projects is almost non existent. If you have wanted to green up your corporate image while getting great tax credits then perhaps you will want to investigate our solar farms here in North Carolina a bit more.

Solar Farms

Solar Farms in North Carolina

Our solar farms create solar jobs here in the state of North Carolina and we are quite proud that we are able to give back and help in the counties that need it the most. Innovative Solar Systems is based in Asheville, N.C. so you may want to set up a meeting with us today to meet and take a local tour of our solar farms to see if this type of investment makes sense for your company or enterprise. Call the professionals on our team today, we would love to sell you a single project or an entire portfolio of up to 100 MW’s of our solar farms for this calendar year or next year, just let us know your needs.