Solar Farms Installed

We offer some of the finest installed solar farms and commercial solar systems available in the industry today. Are you searching for top tier equipment, robust design and lower installed cost for your solar farms here in the United States and abroad? Many of our solar farms will incorporate single axis trackers for an additional 25 to 40 percent added energy yield. Maintenance is never an issue with our top shelf solar farms since we design with the end user in mind. Join the solar farm revolution and let Innovative Solar Systems show you the way to better returns, better systems and ease of ownership.

Solar Farms Installed Faster and Better

We take pride in knowing that each one of our commercial solar farms are custom designed, built and installed with the individual site and users requirements in mind. Our clients are guided in the latest trends when it comes to sizing panels, determining panel orientation and whether is makes sense to use fixed angle racking or single axis trackers. Shading is never a concern when we design and layout your solar farms either. Our team has probably forgotten more about solar farms than some will ever know. We network with all of the top solar companies, read the trade journals and know where the new technology is at so please consider our design build and installation services when purchasing large utility size solar farms.

Solar Farms

We Design, Build and Install Solar Farms

We visit farms weekly to determine the parcels of farm land that work best for our solar farms and systems. We leave nothing to chance when we build your commercial grade systems. We see so many others making mistakes on solar farms like improper grounding, under sizing dc cabling, cheap racking systems, no diagnostics and the list goes on and on. When you spend millions on your solar farms you should not only get the best returns you should also have a robust and carefree design with maximum on board diagnostics to alert you of any problems that inhibit maximum power production in real time. One call does it all when you choose Innovative Solar Systems for your solar farms. We handle it all and offer complete turn key services for your solar farm projects.