Solar Farms Create Jobs

Our solar farms create jobs while providing clean renewable energy. So just what is involved in building utility scale solar farms? Our large solar farms will have over 10,000 solar panels bolted and grounded to racking systems that hold them in either a fixed angle or variable angle to track with the sun. Hundreds of jobs are created during the construction of the actual equipment as well as the physical installation of the equipment. Our solar farms will take approximately ninety days to build out once the equipment arrives to the job site so you can envision just how many man hours are involved in erecting the systems.

Solar Farms Require Skilled Workers

We are proud to have large portfolios of solar farms for sale that provide areas with clean power while employing hundreds of skilled workers at above average pay scales. There are also many jobs created after the initial construction of the solar farms. Workers are needed to maintain the facilities of the solar farm after start up. The physical grounds require maintenance as well as skilled experts to repair the system when problems occur. Our solar farms do employ special on board electronics to more easily diagnose the problems for less down time and increased productivity.

Solar Farms

Our Solar Farms Create Jobs

We see the energy sector as a key sector of industry that is creating new solar jobs on a daily basis. Renewable energy is probably one of the fastest growing areas in our current economy. We are constantly looking for large tracts of cleared and level land for our solar farms. Not only do we create jobs, we also help farmers pay their bills when they receive lease money for our solar farms that can be situated on their land. Let us show you the way to more jobs in rural areas as our solar farms pave the way to foreign oil and coal independence.