Solar Energy

Solar energy has been around since the beginning of time. People have been harnessing the suns solar energy for thousands of years and we are getting better at building active solar photovoltaic devices these days. Our utility grade solar farms are just one more way that a great deal of the suns solar energy is captured by non reflective glass panels and then converted into dc electricity before being turned into 3 phase power which is connected to the utility grid and sold. Solar energy is renewable since the sun is guaranteed to rise and set in every day in this great country.

Solar Energy for Cost Effective Electricity

Our solar farms are greening up the state of North Carolina and are proving to be a great source of cost effective clean energy that is guaranteed to last for up to fifty years or longer. Farmers are finding a great source of income by leasing us their tracts of land for our solar energy farms. Just imagine a solar farm that encompasses twelve acres and produces 2MW’s of electricity which is enough to power approximately 200 homes. The EPA is setting higher and higher targets for the utility companies to cut carbon emissions or pay fines and solar energy is greatly needed in most states to keep the consumers overall cost of electricity low.

We feel that solar just makes sense from a cost standpoint and also from an environmental impact stance. Do you have wasted or unused acreage on your property that would be suitable for solar farms? Americans need to embrace solar energy and use this great free source we have to produce clean electricity across the country. With current state and government subsidies there has never been a better time to install solar farms for a quick pay off and great long term income. Solar farms are very reliable due to the lack of moving parts and the high reliability of the solar panels these days. Give Innovative Solar Systems, LLC a call today to explore the world of solar energy and to get pricing on a utility grade solar farm that can be easily built within 90 days on your property.