Photovoltaic Solar Farms

When it comes to photovoltaic solar farms we know more here than just about anyone out there. Our solar farms are fairly simple in theory, yet we use design techniques and more innovative technologies to give our buyers some of the most durable, reliable and robust solar systems available. Photovoltaic solar farms are rows and rows of photovoltaic solar panels mounted at an angle fairly low to the ground, yet angled toward due south to capture as much of the sunlight as possible on a daily basis. The panels in our solar farms then convert the sunlight to direct current electricity which is then routed to centrally locate inverters to convert that direct current electricity to alternating current electricity before being directed into the utility grid.

Our Solar Farms Generate AC Electricity

By offering our solar farms for sale at more competitive prices and in larger sizes of systems we find that corporations of all sizes enjoy doing business with our company. Our solar farms and cost effective photovoltaic panels take solar farms to all new level. We understand the bottom line and work with the best suppliers and vendors of solar equipment so that our investors get better returns. By utilizing on board diagnostics and additional plug and play solutions our solar farms almost fix themselves when problems do arise. Text, email or phone messages can all be routed directly to your maintenance support team and thus analyzing a power reduction problem is quick and simple.

Solar Farms

Utilize Our Photovoltaic Solar Farms for Tax Credits

The term photovoltaic means that one is generating electricity by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. Our solar farms are made to do this in a much more efficient manner so that your energy yield is as much as thirty to forty percent more efficient than the completion. The sun is a renewable, eco friendly and free resource for generating electricity. If you or your company has ever considered solar farms as an investment or tax shelter then please call our team of sales people and engineers to see if our solutions make sense for you. More and more vacant fields are becoming solar farms while less coal fired electricity generation plants exist in this country which makes the world a better place.