Energy Solar

Our solar farms are energy solar master pieces and yield our owners and investors great short and long term returns. Designing energy solar farms is what we do and our designs are some of the most robust and reliable in the market place. Depending upon the state and location of your project the paybacks on our solar farms can be as little as a year or at most possibly 5 years. We will work with your CPA and financial advisors to see if investing in our energy solar projects is right for you. Solar farms are proving to be one of the safest long term investments and often offer investors the peace of mind they need in these rather uncertain times.

Our Energy Solar Farms for Less

Most designers and builders of solar farms will often only participate in the transaction if they are a partner in the project and get long term streams of income from the energy solar farm. This structuring will hurt the owner/investors return so our model is quite simple. We charge a separate developer fee to design and get the project to shovel ready status. Everything is covered from interconnection agreements, purchase power agreements, zoning approvals and engineering design and final costing of the system. Once the development phase of the solar farm is complete we will then stay on as construction manager for a separate fee or set the client up with a credit worthy EPC. We also offer clients our own solar farms for sale in our portfolio available at any given time.

The world of solar and renewable energy is ever changing and here at Innovative Solar Systems, LLC we stay on the cutting edge. Many are looking to energy solar farms as a safe addition to their current portfolio of energy holdings. It usually takes us six months to get a solar farm project fully developed, approved and permitted. Construction of our energy solar farms usually only takes 90 to 120 days. Give our world class solar team a call today to investigate the costs and returns that our solar farms will yield you over the life of the project.