Buying Solar Farms

Buying solar farms has never been easier when done through our company. Our solar farms for sale are totally approved and ready for construction. We offer buyers and investors of our solar farms low installed costs while utilizing only top tier equipment backed by some of the best warranties in the business. When buying solar farms most will agree that risk avoidance is important and our deals have little or no risk as we have long term land leases in place with title commitments, detailed surveys showing all easements and no environmental issues. When you purchase our solar farms you will be protected and your long term investments will be protected as well.

Purchasing Solar Farms Here

Many companies purchasing our solar farm deals will all agree that we package everything together so that the due diligence period will be short so that we can get your solar farms on line and producing electricity sooner. Our price per watt will vary some depending on different parameters like equipment type, brand and warranties, but in general we offer totally installed and commissioned solar farms for around $2/watt which is one of the best all in prices you will find in the industry. Our solar farms are designed for long term reliability, ease of maintenance and maximum power output. Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to utility scale ground mounted solar farms.

Solar Farms

Choose Innovative Solar When Buying Solar Farms

We tend to think that buying solar has never been better when you see that equipment prices have bottomed out while state and federal incentives are great. Take some time to investigate the companies selling turn key solar farms and you will choose us every time. We offer some of the largest portfolios available when it comes to large scale solar projects with many of our single projects being in the 2 to 5MW range, and portfolio sizes up to around 100MW per year in various states. Let us be your preferred supplied for ground mounted solar farms and industrial or commercial style solar systems.